Closed for the Summer

Our Fall Seed Library will open in early August.

The Seed Library is a partnership between the ASWCD and the Anderson County Main Branch Library. Any individual with a library card is able to check out 5 FREE seed packets of their choosing. Then take them home, plant them, and watch it grow!
Visit the Anderson Library - Main Branch to check out your seeds! The Seed Library is now in a new location at the Anderson Main Branch with the "Library of Things" section on the main floor. There are lots of helpful books and items that you can check out such as a soil testing kit to help with your gardening needs this year!
We also host Pop-Up Seed Libraries at our neighboring library branches! This year, there will be a travel tote with a variety of seeds at each location for one week. Scroll down to click the schedule to see when your Pop-Up week is.
Do you love visiting the Bookmobile? If so, you can get select seeds there too!
~ 2024 ~

Spring Seed VarietieS

The spring seed library will be open from March to June. This list of seed varieties is subject to change.

Fall Seed Varieties

The fall seed library will open in August. This list of seed varieties is subject to change.

Seed Library Programs

Make sure you sign-up for one of our educational programs or come visit us at our Pop-Up Seed Libraries at branches throughout Anderson County during the year! Pop-Ups are held throughout the spring!

Overview of our Most Popular seeds:

About the Seed Library

The Seed Library is an educational project that provides the public an opportunity to learn about the importance of growing their own food, eating healthy, environmental stewardship, promoting green space and plant diversity, while encouraging families to get outdoors. We are modeling our project after the Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation District’s Seed Library at the Berea Library. Anderson County Soil & Water Conservation District and the Anderson County Library System have established a “seed sharing” library, with different seed varieties, that are housed at the Anderson Branch Library. In September of 2020, we did a “soft-opening” for our Seed Library due to COVID-19 and 793 seed packets were checked out.The following crops were available to the public: beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, collards, lettuce, mustard greens, radish, and spinach. The Seed Library closed October 19th and reopened in March for a grand opening with up to 40 different seed types, all suited to grow in our area. A total of 5,095 seed packets were checked out in the spring of 2021!! We closed again in June due to restocking and reopened again in the fall of 2021. A total of 2,261 seed packets were checked out in 2 months. Along with the main Seed Library, we also partnered with the smaller library branches in the county and did Pop-Up Seed Libraries. This provided different areas of the county with free seeds and eliminated the travel to the main branch. 244 seed packets were checked out through this program. A total of 1,676 zip codes were recorded when patrons returned their seed checkout forms. 

In the spring of 2022, seeds were restocked in an organized card catalog, in which each drawer will contain a different type of seed. In the first 2-3 weeks we had over 2,000 seed packets checked-out. This is almost double the usage we have seen in the past. Seeds that are available to the public are vegetables, herbs, and native plant species. We have reached many areas in Anderson County through this program and we are wanting to continue to reach more. The poverty rate in Anderson County is 15.6% and these people go without eating healthy food or even food at all. The Seed Library will help decrease the number of people who go hungry in Anderson County and decrease the number of people who are simply unaware of how to grow their own food. 

The Seed Library project has a lot to offer just by providing seeds. Growing your own food promotes a healthier lifestyle, saves money on groceries, reduces food waste and worrying about food safety, builds a sense of pride, has a positive environmental impact, and it gets you outdoors.

How You Can Participate

  • Donations

    We are thankful to everyone who has donated seeds to the seed library in the past. As the seed library continues to grow, we will greatly appreciate any additional seed donations. If you have any seeds that you aren't using or may throw out, please reach out. We would love to take any seed variety off of your hands.


    Every seed packet that is available to check out has been labeled, packed, and counted. It takes many hands to pack all of the seeds you see. We would greatly appreciate any help in packing seeds. We would love to host a "seed packing party," where a group of friends, coworkers, or an organization gathers together for a few hours (or as long as you're able) to pack seeds.

Thank you for Your COnsideration in DOnating Seeds and/or Time to our Seed Library!

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