Anderson County Soil and water Conservation District

Adult Education Programs

Our district offers a variety of Adult education programs to the Anderson County community! We strive to offer opportunities for community members to come together and learn about water quality, soil conservation, agriculture, forestry, wildlife, gardening, and more!

Our education and outreach coordinator would be happy to present to any group that may be interested in our programs. Some of our programs are also offered in partnership with the Anderson County Library! Check out their events page to stay up-to-date on upcoming programs! We will also post current programs on our Facebook and Instagram page.

1521 Pearman Dairy Road | Anderson, SC 29625


Sat & Sun: Closed
Mon-Fri: 8 am-4:30 pm

We offer the following Free and low cost programs for Adults and community groups:

Contact Ann Marie Brooks ( for more information!

We would be glad to come out to your group and facilitate these programs!


Thinking outside the gardening box: Introduction to Garden Design and Raised beds

Join Anaston with Anderson County Soil and Water Conservation District (ASWCD) to discuss vegetable gardening, garden design, and plant care.

In this program, you will discover the needs of most vegetables planted in our region, explore different raised bed designs for both small and large spaces, learn the benefits of square foot gardening and companion planting, and hear about the benefits of gardening including health, wellness, and personal satisfaction.

We will be reviewing the ASWCD's growing guide and you will have the opportunity to make a few take home labels for your garden!

Rainwater Harvesting

Rain Barrel Installation

  • What is a rain barrel and how do you use it?

  • Top 4 reasons to collect rainwater

  • Installation - Where is the best place to put your rain barrel?

  • Components of your rain barrel

  • Maintenance - How to winterize your rain barrel

  • Additional information on watersheds in Upstate, SC and their importance


Soil Health and Farming

  • In this program, we talk about the importance of keeping your soil healthy and how it can affect your garden.

  • We will go over soil composition and the big three (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium).

  • Discuss what different plant varieties need to grow and talk about Clemson Extension's Soil Testing Program.

  • Information on erosion and sediment deposition control

  • Share NRCS and USDA cost-share programs that can be of assistance to your farmland.

Water Education

Stormwater: Becoming Environmental Stewards & keeping our water clean

  • During this program we will discuss how to keep our waterways clean and how to conserve our drinking water

  • Learn where stormwater ends up and what it can collect if not properly managed on the way down to the drain.

  • Learn where your drinking water comes from and how you can be a source water protector.

  • Introduce the topic of Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens to help mitigate stormwater runoff.