What is Envirothon?

Envirothon is a program for high school students to learn more about our natural environment. The spirit of competition motivates athletes, drives successful businesses and stimulates new ideas.
Envirothon tests the student's knowledge on topics such as:
  • Soils
  • Water resources
  • Forestry
  • Wildlife
  • Current environmental issues.
Each year there is a statewide competition! 

The 2022 SC Envirothon Competition will be held at the Sandill Research and Education Center (REC) on April 29th, 2022. 

Our office has an Envirothon Training Trunk for Anderson coaches to check out and practice with their students. Email us to check out the trunk!
2019 Sc Envirothon 1st Place Team from Spartanburg High School 
From left to right is Coach Rob Wilder, Coach Rebecca Gentry (holding Mark Gentry), Nolan Sykes, Emma Sandego, Isabella Goodchild-Michelman, Nathan Jones, and Justin Barron.

SC Envirothon Mission Statement

The SC Envirothon strives to advance environmental awareness through an outdoor venue for high school students to assess their knowledge of natural resource management issues and to promote a life-long commitment to environmental stewardship.